Book Review- Swoon: Great Seducers and Why Women Love Them.

I’ve decided to redo my first book review of the book I’ve read the most in the past few years. This one wouldn’t have had this status if not for some very extensive driving I accomplished recently, and forgot to bring any other book with me.

When I look up the word seduce, and all its derivatives, I find even at the root of the word, a change in direction. In the context of this book, and in common understanding, this change in direction, does have a stimulus. In the title alone, Swoon: Great Seducers and Why Women Love them, written by Betsy Prioleau, the complexity of the people involved, and in particular, the seducer is held front and center. Prioleau starts her book of looking at this very issue, the title or identification applied to a man. Is it commonly held with a negative connotation? Is there a difference in the men who occupy this view of them from one another? The author is quick to point out a definition, and identify who fits, and who does not. By the closing of this book’s first words to us, there are clear lines separating those who are interested in themselves, and those who are interested in others. This crucial idea here is how this relates to the second part of the book’s title, “…and Why Women Love Them.” There will always be a place for both Mr. Right, and Mr. Right Now in this world, but here we are dealing with great seducers, and women loving them for this very fact.

As a Marine, I was disappointed no chapter covered “the man in uniform”, but having been on myself, and also having spend a great deal of time around, and actually listening to women the parts of the uniformed man were cited enough in repetition that I wasn’t overly let down by its absence from Prioleau’s work.

What we do find is a set of attributes, behaviors, and lifestyles that are conducive to things women look for and give high value to when seeking out a male. Prioleau also points out the common held anthropologic motivations for women’s choices in men, and the historical stand out’s who run contrary to these theories.

At the end of the day, even having common interests isn’t the wind in the sails for our seducers and seduced. The secret, according to Prioleau, is the honest and deep interest in the women by the man, completed by the celebration of. I can also attest to the negative number’s practice, where we learn somewhere near Algebra, the every number has it’s negative. If you find yourself in a situation where you no longer are interested in a woman, the day will come where her love will also be seduced, its direction changed.

I highly recommend this book to anyone.

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