Treasure Pic.

Treasure picsI was at work one day, and was called to clean up some rather unsavory material, in a very small area.  The length of my arms made the job a bit easier, but it was quite filthy.  When finished, I took a trash bag out to my truck and left.  Something metal and sharp inside this bag caused a decent tear in the bag.  Long story short, wrapped up in bounds of paper, was a box of photographs.  I hadn’t seen one of these small boxes of developed photos in a long time.  With the profuse explosion of digital cameras built in to mainly cellphones, its become less common to take one’s digital photos to be printed, much less film to be developed.

The box contained five different women photographed in various stages of dress, but all taken by a single boyfriend at different time.  What was even more interesting, most people don’t take these kind of photos to be developed at local pharmacies, where copies would easily find their way uncontrolled.  These were not only developed, but they were developed and featured similar images of the woman who worked at a local pharmacy photolab.  I’ve not met many women who would be presented with the nude photos of a boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends and happily develop them, but in this case, depending on where you sit, this turned out well.

These did not end up in the hands of someone with malicious intent, nor buried in a local landfill, or destroyed by relationship argument…   no, they ended up in the hands of an artist who draws and paints women.

6 thoughts on “Treasure Pic.

  1. memories from the past, when I was an art students, I was always lurking the bin of the photo lab (I was secretly hoping one of us would become famous, so I had one of their “early work”) ^^
    Turns out there were really nice B&W pictures of untold stories.


    • Ah yes, the comic book paradox. Picasso was painting the riff and raff of society, among his other works. Many of the people featured will likely never be known to us. Same goes for many, many artist. Their works lost in a sea of the work of others. I actually have early modeling images of someone at least semi-famous, resting on some SD card somewhere, but an intensity for working with those images never developed. Interestingly, I was at the last Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach, and I only saw 2-3 nude pieces on display there.


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