Book Review – Surviving the Dead: Fire in Winter.

Here we are at book 4 of James N. Cook’s Surviving the Dead Series, Fire in Winter. With an epic battle in book 3, how does book 4 possibly follow that? We take a tour of Gabe’s past that has come to a crossroads with his present.

I can say that this book does have some great scenes, and vivid places to occupy, yet I can not get past how our tall, dark, and ugly has a set of skills and experience that are perfectly suited for every encounter his is put against. There is nothing in book 4 which Gabe can not overcome easily, making him, and the drama built self-affirming to read. It becomes more of a guide to being a skilled marksman, Marine, special ops, and intelligence asset.

Once I had finished this book, and subsequent readings of it, I have only to see details I missed the last time, as the invincible Gabe trots through this book unable to intrigue the readers with suspense or conflict we can’t see past quickly.

THe fleshing out of one of the main characters does help complete the series in that it gives more depth, but for myself, knowing Gabe will never lose, and does not sustain any real, fixed damage keeps the value of the story depressed.

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