Victorian Pyrography.

I needed a small, locking cabinet. I had some wood planks left over from my garage shelves, some Oak dowels, and at the time, my tools. I cut, sanded, and glued until I had myself a decent looking cabinet, slapped a lock hasp on it, some bad ass hinges, and a handle. The wood pattern alone came out nicely when I rubbed on a coat of Tung oil, but of course, the artist in me would not allow that to be the end of it.

I had purchased a small and simple pyrography kit, which are mainly used for wood burn art. With the proper attachments, there are a few other uses one can gain from such equipment, but here, I wanted to toast some wood and give my new locking cabinet a bit of flare.

I used a stencil I had made myself, pencil marking the pattern on to the cabinet door. After that was several nights of pushing the very heated wood burner along that intricate pattern until finished. I rubbed another layer of Tung oil over the burns, and I had my cabinet decorated.












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