Well, with three chapters of my book wiped out due to a file name saving error, I though I should get some music up here.

Anyone who knows me knows very much that Sarah McLachlan is one of my favorite musicians. British and Irish accents on females are a weakness of mine, but even Irish tinted voices of women singing carry a kinetic energy that I simply fall for.

Listening to, enjoying music has been missing from my life as of late. No one wants a song to invoke memories of bad times, so I’ve kept away rocking out during my days. They’re are a few songs that to encapsulate the energy I feel about the ongoing struggle and immense stress of a divorce, but the good times needed now have to have some voice and melody.

The good times, and good memories now, are all tied to my children. In a way, regardless of how much hard work caring for one’s children becomes, when parents split up, one of the hardest things for the parent who didn’t skip a beat in obtaining a new mate, is facing the idea that you are now a single man (or woman). This is not an impossible issue to deal with, just new, and something that requires time to adjust to. The label of easy, this does not apply, at least to me, in this situation. Single I am now, but the activities one would label as what a single man does with his time are not the easiest thing to pin to me. My ghost, although gone in most ways, leaves whispers here and there, so with all the difficulty of avoiding music at this time, I can put this song up with confidence, however little.







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