DIY Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub.

If you need a quick and easy body scrub, the interweb has no shortage of recipes, and that is where I learned the basic one featured here.  I only changed out the oils to ones I prefer, or am experimenting with.  The body sugar scrubs I find at the stores I frequent start around ten to fifteen dollars at the low end, and only go up from there.  The recipes and procedures I’ve seen at websites and blogs were targeting the solution to reducing the costs of making a scrub that would achieve the same affects, which usually meant a large jar of the ingredients where filled with a single batch.  The base ingredient is commonly any large crystal sugar, found commonly as “raw’ sugar.  This provides the abrasive for smoothing out one’s skin.

The site’s where I’ve seen these batches made, once the sugar is in place, you add in various amounts of oils, and fragrances to one’s liking.  Now you have this huge jar of your scrub.  Sugar does dissolve, and if you’re going to make a scrub, the longer it sits, the less you get from the sugar’s abrasiveness.  It was not until I went to a spa that I changed my thoughts on the scrubs I’ve made in the past.

I was at the spa because with no wife, and no girlfriend, there is no one who’s able to rub out tension in my back muscles.  I had months of back pain from driving from coast to coast several times under very short durations of time, so I had to pay others to massage out what I was told where an unusually high amount of, and these are the words of the woman who did the work, “…grapes, and plums.”  That was her description of what my back muscles felt like as she rubbed them out.  Honestly, I should have paid for two or more women and scheduled half the day to get everything finished in hone siting, but I didn’t.  The one thing I did add in was the care of my feet.  I’m on my feet all day, everyday.  Yes, there are time when I wonder if a desk job would be easier on my body, and in my daily life, and in particular my work day, I’ve noticed that those who work in office environments, not all, but the majority have body types that start at overweight, and go heavier from there.  Fault or not, its simply an observation.  In this context, I have my own pedicure tools, including the most effective callous removing tools I can find, and I put the extra work in to finding the best footwear I can.

My pedicure started after the massage.  Dizzy from the pain my back was now recovering from, I was taken to the pedicure area by the woman who would be preforming the work.   She put my feet in to a bath of water and soap, and laid out her tools and supplies.  After scrubbing off my callouses, cleaning up my cuticles, then shaping and sanding my toe nails, it was time for scrubs and moisturizes to be added to my feet up to the bottom of my calve muscles.  I looked down to see a small ceramic bowl of brown, raw sugar, slightly wet with something, but doubtlessly oils.  When I asked, she explained she had mixed it up just before coming in to work in me.  The sugar would have the oils and other ingredients added right before application.  This made sense.  The other thing I noticed was the sugar was not soaked or saturated in a large pool of oils.  It looked like it just had a shiny sheen on it.  I also learned to apply the scrub not when the skin is dripping wet, and by implication, during a bath or shower.  Instead, applying it where the sugar will dissolve as slow as possible.

My last batch of sugar scrub was oil heavy, so much so that I had to scrub the shower clean because my kids where sliding all over the place until I did.  Now, I’ll just make scrubs as needed, and because of this, I can change the fragrance or affects of the scrub to suit my mood or needs.  Mint oils can be added where the menthol will cause a stimulating feeling.  Wood tones and leather tones can be added as interactions with the ladies increases, as most I’ve found associate those scents with masculinity.  I can mix floral and herbal scents to specific themes such as tropical, or desert mornings, fresh ocean scents, etc..



Raw sugar, Coconut oil (refined for skin use. Coconut oil is more solid in it’s natural state), and Sandlewood oil as fragrance.












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