Tsunami, on Taiko Drums.


In the early 1990’s this movie showed in theaters for the first time. Culturally, this was the last major movie in which the Japanese Business Culture of modern times was shown as the Juggernaut that was coming to take over all American companies. It would be only a few years later that West Coast Software companies would start their time on the world stage, and the hardware on which it ran became second tier.

I don’t think this movie gets as much credit as it deserves. The cast list includes major talents from around the world, visually it was bold, and the sound… …well lets get in to that.

As you can see in the trailer, there is a scene with these Japanese Taiko drums featured very prominently. To see and hear this in the theater was very intense. For years, this movie was the only place I could see or hear these drums that I was aware of. Not until we were all burning CD’s with our napster acquired songs did a few searches for these drums start, only I was spelling the name wrong, using “tyco”, and “tico” and turning up nothing.

Recently, I got the correct spelling. I had wanted to show my kids these drums being played, so I located videos of Taiko Drum groups, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to find that exact song they played in the movie. When one searches for “taiko” drums online, within the first page you see listings for various songs being played, and one of them is named Tsunami. This song name came up so early, I was sure that was the named song in the movie, because of course it would be.

Below is a video of a live group preforming the song:



Here is the song by itself:


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