Henna Lingerie.

I’m not entirely sure how the idea of using Henna came to me, but it was something related to the Shower for my second child.  I bought a bag of ready mixed Henna paste, and put simple designs on some of the people at the Shower.  Back at home, I started a design on my ex’s lower back.  She had gotten a lower back tattoo during a visit to her family, but as most lower back tattoos have the bottom of the design either starting at or very near the top of the butt’s crease, my ex had it drastically higher up on her back that it was odd to look at.

As I put this Henna design on her back, I started expanding it, and something clicked in my head.  I wrapped the design around her waist and created an entire belt.  At that point, even more started going through my head, and I added strap designs as one would have if wearing a garter belt and stockings.  It didn’t take long to put the idea of Henna Lingerie together.  I bought more Henna paste, and did a little practice.  Every woman who saw this work said they loved it and the idea, and with this encouragement, I put a business together to provide this for profit.

Long story short, my work days were long, and being a father is a non-stop job when not at work.  These are not the attributes for going out to find customers.

With my new life to make as best I can, my artwork it taking me in many directions, so I can not rule out things I’ve done in the past as something I’ll undertake in the future, but for now, here to share with others is some of the work I did on a particular woman.


Henna Front-applied (2)

Henna Belt applied-front (1)

Henna Front-applied (1)

Henna Dried-Front (1)

Henna Belt-Dried (2)

Henna Belt-Dried (1)

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