Sketchbook Randomness, II.


When you own a house, there is a sense of freedom and ownership imparted.  Of course, unless you had the house custom built, you either do improvement and repairs on your own, have contractors or friends do that work, or a mix of the two.  No matter which way you go on that, whatever you though the monthly cost of the house would be, just add 1/3 of your mortgage to the monthly payment, and that is how much money you’ll be spending at hardware stores.

I’ve always know I wanted to own a house, although my tastes, like all tastes change over time, the principles have always been to repair, improve, and make beautiful the place you live at.  This was no different once I moved out of the barracks, and again at base housing where self expression is a bit limited where the masses can see.

This sketch is of our first apartment patio.  The price to be paid for some of the consumer goods the ex wanted ended up destroying the basic personal finance lessons I had learned as a child, so I never got to realize this dream patio, and when you move every 2-4 years, it seemed wasteful them to hang pictures, or decorate much.  Yet, this is what I wanted that oh so small space to look like, a small, cozy, and garden like area to relax in Southern California’s never ending summers.

As you may notice, there were herbs and flowers mixed in to this design, combining form and function.  I will say that patio was a mix of good and bad.  The dog we acquired ended up damaging the door extensively, costing us our deposit plus some.  On the other hand, two of the ex’s friends ended up flashing their breasts to me on that patio, and a little know fact about me..  …I’m a hug fan of that.




These three above were a tattoo idea I couldn’t let go of.  I worked for years on this, spanning several sketchbooks and notepads.  There came a point where I had the final design I wanted, and set out to hand draw the best representation of what I was trying to accomplish.  When I finally completed this piece, I had it ready to go for the tattoo shop, a completely clean and flawless drawing.  I ended up trading this drawing to the radio officer of a Panamax ship.  He lived on the other side of the planet, but our backgrounds in communications brought us to conversation and a meal.  In exchange, he gave me a historical document from his country.  I wonder if he still has that drawing I gave him.




This is just some classroom sketching.  Again, my longing for a feminine woman with poise, confidence, and desire for me reflected in the poses, and the female clothing I was almost never to experience.



This is one of the sketches I did, likely from a Playboy magazine that I did up for a few women who were to pose for me.




Another sketch from a photo.  This one was just to draw for the sake of art.


poseAgain, another posed figure form somewhere, but this one I started adding in extra body art/designs.  If you look close, I added nipple rings.

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