Sketchbook Randomness.

I decided to go through my old note and sketchbooks, scan in various drawings, and put them up here.


dfsThis sketch was done during the time between arriving to college classes, and when the class began.  There was no model for this on, but as I look at it now, its a reflection of the times.  Having to move every few years, in a marriage where I was second to her friends and work, saddled with debt that I used the G.I. Bill to help pay down, the depression that any professional could have clearly seen, but I would have adamantly denied I was in, it was typical for me to sketch humans in these sad looking expressions and posture.  When you’re married to a lesbian, and one that carried herself with as much masculinity as she could get away with being married to a male, at its basic level, this was to bring the lacking femininity in to my world.


targetThis is a freehand sketch from a photograph featured in the Marine Base Camp Pendleton’s newspaper, The Scout.  I can’t remember the article’s content, and this was nothing more than having the image lying around the shop I worked at, and needed to kill some time.  The picture is of a Marine Corps Scout Sniper at the range.  The rifle is the M-40 or M-40A1, I can’t remember which.  There was a time when I had an interest in trying out for the Scout Snipers, but only Force Recon was holding try-outs.  I made it through their initial entry test, but in talking to the testing staff, I found out they engaged in a particular environment that I have a physical attribute which would make me unable to move forward with their program.  Overall it was a good experience, and certainly physically taxing on the body.  Its so comical that I have to work my way up to full runs and hills now, but during my time in the Marines, trials like “for fun” 10K runs, Mud Runs, Try-outs for special units, or just guys challenging each other to races I would simply change in to appropriate gear, and take off.  I wonder what 20 year olds could accomplish if they knew the power the possessed.



Attention to all men:  (this does not include guys who abandon or abuse kids, wife-beating a-holes, drugged up losers, criminals, or any of their sub categories)  One of the first signs of relationship trouble is when your chosen mate makes a huge, negative response to your photos of your friends (friends who a positive people in your life or were) then take notice and deal with that immediately in some form of healthy relationship management.

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