Time for Breakfast.

I’ve been on a rampage to alter my path in life, and of course, time ever present, I’ve really looked nearly everything I’m doing in terms of preparing my kids for their journey through life, and what I’ll leave behind.  The drastic increases in physical training, a new start-up disk of education, my artwork, everything is being rehauled to be what I want it to be, and knowing this is my life’s work.  Time is something while never giving any leeway, one can change how they view it.

When I talk to my kids about time, there is a pretty fantastic clip that sparks conversations that trail off in every direction, which you can see below.


Now its time to make some breakfast.



My favorite Oatmeal, far surpassing the horse food Quaker Oats that I spent my childhood eating. Overcooked Quaker Oat flakes are a pretty depression way to start the morning. They do make their own version of this kind now, but I try to vote with my dollars on the underdogs.






You can boil water and let it sit without heating for about 25 minutes, or pour in boiling water and heat for about 10 minutes to get it where its just lost the hardness, but is well away from a soggy, overcooked gruel.




As long at the hot water is available, might as well get some tea in there. Use Peppermint Tea on at least a semi regular basis to quell mild stomach issues. With that new information about medicines like Nexium doing a bit more harm to your body, give your Kidneys a break and see if a few cups of tea can calm your belly.




Some of my favorite fruits to add to cereals: Raisens, Dried Blueberries, strawberries, etc.. It eliminates the need for adding honey or sugar.




I add in the fruit to boil with the oats for about 1-2 minutes. I don’t want any of the water soluble vitamins or minerals getting poured out with the excess water if I can avoid it.



Add in some milk, and I’ll be good dinner if needed on a regular day. If I’m only getting one meal a day, or every other day, I can boost the amount of oatmeal, or add in banana slices but those days are less rare now.



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