In terms of my height, it has always been front and center when encountering not only humans, but the physical world around me as well.  As you can imagine, most people do not consider more than average height in males as a negative thing, and the list of problems I encounter would likely be chalked up to “boo-hoo” status.

I don’t normally spend enough time on the web to find hoards of clever things to amuse myself, and this time was no different.  Wanting to find shirt that actually fit me, that is to say shirts which are designed for tall men who are not overweight, I did come across some quite humorous images that I though were quite clever, or said something about how others might be viewing me.  Needless to say, it was, and is almost always the case that its easier for me to do nearly anything than to find clothes that fit properly.  Even with the interweb, its still a hassle to locate shirts that actually fit the proper measurements, to say nothing of the quality of material or work that went in to the shirt, trying to find ones not made by slave or near slave labor, and science forbid I want to try it on or feel the material before ordering five of them.  With summer coming, I’m trying to find Linen shirts, and instead of finding them, I found the images you see below.
















Couple face to face, barefoot woman on tip-toes, low section

Couple face to face, barefoot woman on tip-toes, low section



This one was my favorite, by far.

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