Hundred Dollar Rice.

I don’t know why I call it hundred dollar rice, it just sounded pleasant.  There is certainly not one hundred dollars worth of ingredients in this recipe, but when completed, the meal is very filling, and full of taste.  The main base of ingredients, the shallots (or onions), and the garlic I don’t change.  The other things I add to this dish I will change from time to time depending on what I’m hungry for.  Here I’ve used Shiitake Mushrooms, but in the past I’ve added various vegetables, or finely chopped meats or fish.  The key is to finely chop what you’re going to add to the rice in order to have it not stand out as a separate texture.


So I start by boiling some Basmati rice. I add in a bit of Olive oil, but any cooking oil will do. This is mostly to keep down the foaming starches from boiling over.



Chopping up some fresh Shiitake mushrooms.





Here are my Shallots.





All chopped up.



Then dice up the Garlic.



Then dump those ingredients in to a searing hot pan with the cooking oil of your choice.





While thats going, lets dice up our steak flavoring plant, a few delicious, fresh Jalapeños.



The steak and Jalapeños contrast nicely on an aesthetic level.






You want to start the steak before you add in the peppers. I only add pepper to this to help keep the steak from sticking to the pan. For a more robust ground pepper flavor, grind it and sprinkle on the steak just before serving. The heat breaks down the oil in the pepper, diminishing the amount and intensity of flavor.



By now, between the chopping of shallots and peppers, this should complete the respiratory system tune up. Dumping the Jalapeños in to a searing hot pan will quickly release the Capsicum oil as a vapor, which basically creates a mild O.C. Spray effect to the Chef.




One of my favorite sides to a juicy steak is and mouth watering, flavor packed Heirloom tomato.



Slice out that core, the bottom knot, and put a even cut right through the middle.




Take the mother f’n delicious tomato and slam it down on the hottest heat your stove will produce.




Let them sear for no more than 30-40 seconds on the highest possible setting, then use a spatula to bring them to the cutting board. Lightly Salt and Pepper.





Slice up the steak in to small medallions, serve with red wine normally, and I strongly suggest a piece of tomato and piece of steak eaten at the same time. The tomato will cool quickly. I normally don’t eat a starch with this dish, but I made the rice in to portions to last 3 days in the fridge.




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