Coastal Solitude.



I’ve titled this Coastal Solitude.  There is something very serene about the beach at night.  I’m always split between the haunting beauty of this place at that time, and the harsh reality that U.S. Navy SEALS, and Marine MARSOC plus Force Reconnaissance personal are trained to enter operational areas in just such a manner, leaving me a sense of protective comfort that such controlled lethality could easily appear between sets of waves.  The combat swimmers exercises I’ve done in the Pacific Ocean, and having taken the Force Recon indoc, you get a chilling reality check for the power of the Sea.  Swimming out there is quite enjoyable, but factor in the equipment you’d carry, and a well placed wave can drop and toss you right to the sea floor, with a great loss of swimming speed and power.  Riding waves on body boards, while very much a different animal, can also be an opportunity for a wave to catch you at the wrong moment and send you right in to a solid flat of sand.  More than once I sprained a finger or knocked my head against the sea floor in this manner, and its never far from my thoughts that my neck could easily receive fatal damage in this manner.  Yes, the blend of danger, and one of the most enchanting, romantic settings the Earth delivers to us is simply a pleasure to take in.


I bought a tube of black, and white water color paint for this one.  my watercolor pencils work quite well, but the black and white pencils would run out quickly on this type and size of painting.  I have to say, the white paint was a bit out of my control here, so I need some more practice getting it to do what I want.



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