Little Red Riding Art 101.

Yep, I’m back in school.  Anyone who says art doesn’t pay has only to take a ride with me to part of southern California.  Those places that make all those new animation movies…    …those aren’t mom and pop shops, those are major movie studios and computer animation studios.

It’s easy to often forget that technology has always been entwined in art, so from new pigments found in a plant, to some new computer code allowing Toothless to appear like the Predator, the creative mind needs only to export with it.  While I’ll never stop practicing the ways of old, I’d like to solidify my children’s financial futures.  If I can do that by helping made the next non-disney class of animation, then so be it.

So this is my first assignment I turned in.  Vampire neck kisses if you can guess the theme.


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