Return of the Lanterns.

I had to leave all my lanterns behind when I moved.  My children report that unless they take charge of them, or nearly any of the artifacts I brought in to our home, then they are ignored or discarded by their mother.  This tells me two things.  One, all the work I put in to making our house an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and pleasant place was of no interest to someone, and this means they lied every single time I completed a project.  Second, my value I put in to such endeavors was passed to my children.  No, its a good thing we are all different, and for some people, a home devoid of beauty, art, security, this is perfectly fine for them.   Myself, I tend to flow with the location.  At coastal environments, I stride for that coastal, colonial plantation look.  Mountains, I like to see the heavy and powerful, large wood beams, even heading towards a watered down fantasy Viking look.  The desert, I never got to live as a money making adult there, but if I was, I’d probably lean towards a more Roman-Greco, open courtyard style of building as to keep the house spread out and low (because deserts have a great deal of lose, rocky soil, and less plant root systems holding it together, during an earthquake, its more liquid-like than soil-like, and this means you need strong, low buildings to overcome repeated attack).   This list goes on, but those are my basics.

Candles are something else I have an infinity for.  The light produced by candles, while minor in intensity, is something I’ve always associated with celebration, and this is suppose to bring people together.  When observed from outside of that gathering, the light appears to display a safe haven for humanity.

Candle powered lanterns, simply the best.  I use them for both form and function.  I’ve modified them to accept the most amount of candle size and light, used them to light my house during power outages, and to dispurse aromatic scented candles.  Indoors and outdoors, they simply are fantastic.

Even in the place that is starting over, I’ve managed to locate the beacons so I might find my way.



















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