Light the Way Home.

I didn’t choose lanterns for a blog theme just off handed.  When I lived in the house I bought, fire’s light, either by candle, or oil lamp, it has a catalyst, the container in which it’s delivered.  Electric light is no different, having flashlights, lamps, or fixtures.  Flame’s light has been with humans coming in forms of stone carved lamps, candles, gas lamps, and yes, even the simple campfire.

For me, lanterns are the form and function which celebrate and harness the light of fire.  Much in the way a woman’s breasts can be decorated with piercings of gold and platinum, or any part of the body adorned by jeweled earrings, necklaces, or rings, adorning a flame with shaped iron, glass, and a setting plays the same role.

Having moved in to an apartment, I’m not sure if the candles will remain.  As I have as much faith in my neighbors that they will approve of the decoration, personal history has shown for every nine who might adore the work I’ve done, one will not.  The report to the property manager, and the use of fire may in fact force me to switch to those battery powered lights that look and act like candles.

While this post supports having up to four hanging lanterns, I have put up two.  They are for my daughter and son.  Lanterns light their way back home.













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