The Dread Pirate Oil Paint

I’ve never considered oil paint for I don’t know what reason.  Paint itself, was never an appeal to me until recently, and watercolor seemed the hardest to work in.  Acrylics turned out to be a pretty friendly medium to work in, allowing easy manipulation.  Oil paint though, that is the paint of the paintings you have to study in Art History, or a great deal of what you see on display from the old masters.  Most of the worlds most famous, oldest, and known painting are oil.

Of course, like most people of my generation, we grew up watching Bob Ross make the act of oil painting, and doing it well, as simple as making a sandwich.  The entry cost for any art medium is normally costly…   …well, except charcoal.  You can literally make your own paper, and charcoal at home given a few tools, fire, and water.

So I have to complete an oil painting class for my degree, and like it or not, I’m working my way to my first true oil painting.  I don’t really count these ones from class, as I’m not even working in anything but grayscale right now.

Anyway, here is a pear that simply 20 people just had to oil paint four times…    ….so suck it, Leonardo.




There is something about still life art that just hasn’t energized me as my usually subjects.  😉

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