Pumpkin Patch, Oil on Canvas.




So this is my first true oil painting that is not an assignment.  I’ve been working on it for about 6 weeks.  The main cause for such a long turn around is the drying time.  Oil paint, as one quickly discovers has a very sticky consistency.  Without two or three days of drying, putting another layer of paint on, and in particular painting another part of the painting that might be in a drastically different set of colors means you can all to easily pick up the paint you already have down.  If you painted an area white, and then wanted to paint some lettering that was black, on top of that, without the white layer drying a bit, you may end up with a good deal of grey streaks in your letters, and it will be highly noticeable, if not entirely different from the intended imagery/colors.


As opposed to charcoal work’s possible speed, I was fearful oil painting leaving me losing passion or intensity as each break for dry times gave pause.  This was not the case.  To return repeatedly to this work was not only enjoyable, but allowed for inspections that would show adjustments both in details, and the overall look to be corrected or improved.

Another great aspect of oil painting was having more than one I was openly working on at a given time.


So there you go.  I have two pending paintings for my kids, which have recently been started.  I would like to begin my first nude painting.  So as of today, I’m searching out the muse for this one.


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