Webernet Dating.

I found myself back in the dating world recently.  To save you a few minutes of reading, it sucks.  The dating software applications, regardless of their operation, or algorithms give the exact same experiences.  This of course, is the experience of an adult male, and one who wanted honest engagement though selectively reviewing women’s profiles.




logo_huge-5At each turn, you are immediately bombarded by solicitations for video chats with women for money, links to sites off the dating site for who knows what, and spam accounts.  For the accounts that are intact real, I received messages from women much older than I, and in no way had much if any interest or attributes shared with me.  For the two women I did end up on a date with, the dating lasted at or less than 2 dates.  Sparing the privacy of those women, I can say that there is a very strong incentive for a women to utilize these apps as dates on demand. This does not work well for men interested in building a relationship.  I’ve shortened this to Mr. Right v. Mr. Right now.


Confused and frustrated with the very low, very very low contact was rendered by trying to find the most compatible women, I learned that many users, men in particular simply contact or approve nearly every profile and go from there.  This did not work either when tried, even with distance settings ranging between 5-250 miles.


Overall, the return on investment was less than 1%, in time spent on the apps against real contact.


Tonight, after meeting the time frame i set for myself, I deleted all the accounts, and removed my profiles.  I return to silence, and the comfort of isolation.




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