DIY Bed Frame.

So, I was given a bed frame when I moved.  Sitting only a few inches from the ground, I anticipated problems, but a hand-me-down can’t be complained about.

As with nearly every consumer good produced these past decades, I expected a variety of problems with what looked liked a leather covered, queen sized bed frame partial to guys.  Like most tall men, the last time I could physically fit in a bathtub to bathe was during my grade school years.  This height issue is also present in beds, as at least one or more of my exterminates will hang over even a Cal King sized mattress.  A queen size…well, that’s not even an attempt to fit myself on there.  I can lay diagonal and get a decent nights sleep until I’m able to not only acquire a larger mattress, but the room it can fit it.  All in good time though.  Financial security needs trade off’s and this is not a hard on to make right now.

Aside from no tubs, and beds that don’t fit, I jumped on a bed that was not military sleeping furniture sometime almost 15 years ago.  Now an adult, and paying for my own stuff, hearing the newly purchased mattress/boxspring set crack upon my landing on the bed to ravage my wife at the time’s boobs was enough to tell me, I had to grow up, and stop jumping on beds.

I’m not even sure if you can buy a quality bed frame anymore without contacting specific craftsmen’s shops.  What you can buy in great quantity, and with ease is lots and lots of pure junk.  That being said, I need either a frame that didn’t require a box spring, or a frame and  box spring together.  Knowing most frames are compressed sawdust wood, and box springs are made with absolutely frail wood and cheap fasteners.  Try and find a single wood joint that is adding any strength to the springs…its more profitable to not use them, so they don’t.

Either way, I was going to pay $150 in total to acquire this junk.  That’s not what I do though.

I took the same amount of money, bought a jigsaw, some actual lumber, and various fasteners, and went to work.


Plans, and sketch of what I wanted to build.





This was the hand-me-down.




The side beam that broke.

This was absolutely typical.  Its basically wood that was ground up, glue was added, pressed in to forms, and for lack of a better analogy, it became a paper mache “board”.  The reason it broke this time and not others was not specifically a weight issue.  With two adults on the bed, it was the ferocity of a women who wanted Mr. Right Now, and those more energy intensive movements caused the junk to buckle.



I took a bunch of 2×4’s and 2×6’s and cut away. It took about an hour of cutting. I transported the cut peaces to my place for assembly.



I fabricated the legs using 2×6’s and 6 inch bolts.



With the frame up and running, I can’t have the pillows falling off the head area can I?


I picked up this head board from a antique shop on the way home last week.



Not having a way to easily mount the head frame, I grabbed some pipes, and floor flanges.


..and a few minutes later, a non-wobbling head frame of decent beauty was up and running.


In total, about 4 hours including cutting, I had a bed that now sat high enough for me. Tall people hate rising from a low bed. Its like a punishment you get the second you wake up.


Ta-Da!! I don’t actually use my bed, or bedroom that much. I get my clothes, or sleep, or fuck in there. That’s pretty much it.

So if you don’t want to spend 1/3 of you life laying on junk, just sketch up something in a notebook, go pick up the supplies, and build it.  Even if you have never made anything yourself, the results of such an endeavor will render you something hundreds of times better than the best Ikea, disposable furniture they excrete.  Worst comes to worse, you have some wood to build something else.

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