Range time, AR-15.

I got a BB gun when I was 11, and have enjoyed firearms ever since.  There are so many aspects of firearms that are of interest to me, and saddened to live in a state that does so much to get rid of good people who own firearms.

There are so many topics to choose from on this subject.  I don’t want to go on rants for the majority of them, but there is something to notice.  For all the talk about the Second amendment, there seems to be an unspoken agreement that the owning of a gun, gun owners, are how both sides identify those who wish to own firearms.  Strange, but the owning of a consumer good does not seem to carry the weight it does, as a title anyway.

One does not “own” their car to the store, you drive a car to the store. Who gives shit if you’re a “firearms owner”, owning a firearm does not bring down hunted food, no stop someone visiting harm upon you.  An owned firearms is not solely responsible for addressing gross injustices of government.  No, its the skill of a marksman that does this.  If you’re a studied marksman, you should be able to pick up most firearms and within minutes, if not seconds, operate it and deliver well placed shots in to targets.  I have some very basic firearms, and some very well made ones.  Regardless of which one is in my hands, the results are the same.

I actually don’t enjoy ‘owning’ my firearms.  They require a great deal of resources to ensure they are accounted for at all times, and my home state, the elected officials take every opportunity to make owning a firearm here as unpleasant as possible.  What I love it going to the range and honing my skills with my various firearms.



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