Self Portrait.

I have made art since I was able to eat crayons.  At no point forward from that point have I ever drawn myself, nor had any inclination to do so in any manner.  I will normally make a stand when it comes to school instructors handing me an assignment where I oppose the project, and an alternative is easily possible.

In this case, I’m not there to make stands anymore.  I just want the degree, which is awarded after passing grades are awarded.  The issue was minor.  I had not sworn to never render an image of myself in a art medium, I only had never had an interest in it.

I went back and forth on how to approach this painting.  In the end, I did only one thing to get it started.  I picked up a paint color I had not used in the class so far, and one I really liked and began putting a background in.  In this case, purple.



I am technically not finished with it, but I don’t foresee much that I’ll at to it.

In case you’re wondering, yes, if you lose a fiddle playing contest to me, I get your soul.

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