Drawing Final.



I was surprised when taking a 100 level drawing class for a degree requirement, to see what my skill looks like to non-artist, and other artist.  For those who don’t have the skill, it appeared they were capable of rendering a charcoal drawing, it just took them a significant amount of additional time, and the finer points were missed.  Completely understandable, yet the difference between those who had a decent looking drawing by the end of the class, and those who did not appeared to be the time spent on the piece.  It was clear who worked on theirs outside of class.

The last time I worked around other artist was almost 20 years ago.  There was not a gravitation or familiarity as I considered would be present.  As time passes, I find myself further an further isolated from humans despite any reasonable proximity.  Even here, in a class one pays money to attend, for a grade, in a location you all gather at for 3 hours twice a week, I found no connection, nor the foundation for one, much less more than one.

If I can’t even connect with those who’s skills and interest are literally in the title of the class, I suppose my estimation that I should, at least socially, pack it up and move on, is holding steady as relatively accurate.  I suppose the stakes were not high enough, at least in an acute sense.  The military puts you in to a group in which one can find no more solid reason for getting along then one’s life may very well depend on it.  For college, at least for those who have to find their own way to pay for it, there is a more chronic punishment for failure, which is the years spend working for drastically low income.

So I keep trying to confirm the size this final needed to be so I could get started on it sooner.  It was a no-go, and with 5 weeks remaining in the class we were told the size 18×24 inches as to give everyone the same amount of time to work on it.  How long did this take me?  In total, back to back time….6 hours.  I used an additional hour or two in class to fine tune it, but past that it would have been nothing more than me showing off.


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