Fathering on a Budget: Harley Quinn, & Batman.

Divorce is expensive.  It’s $50 for the license, and $50,000 to get rid of it.  With this in mind, and plans to do other things with my money than trips to the court house, the days of dishing out easy cash on anything are on pause.  This, of course does not stop the acts of a father doing fun things with and for his kids, and its certainly not going to stop me, super Marine, artist dad from getting on it.

All you need is a surface you can cut on, an exacto knife or a similar cutting instrument, glue, and construction paper.  Past that is simply imagination or reference photos to work from.

I cut out the shapes needed, and glued them to paper.  Once finished, the whole thing was glued to a foam board.














As you can see, I went for fine details to liven these up.  Of particular note was the black lines around Harley Quinn’s jawline and eyes.

When viewed up close, you can see the glue smears, and places where the cut was rough, but even just a few feet away, those all fade out.  You can add glitter, or back it with small lights, framing/stands, your imagination can take these even further.

Construction paper:  $5

Get after it!!

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