Book Review: Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline

Some books are so good, I will say to myself, “Please, please, please, for the love of anything, please don’t make this in to a movie.” This is my plead I say to myself hoping the artistic gods will convey the message to Hollywood. This book, Ready Player One, by Earnst Cline, is one of these books. My buddy read it, and kept hounding me to check it out. I put it on my Overdrive que, but when they updated their app, it removed my place in line. Finally I did get ahold of it, and just recently finished this book. I have nothing but praise for it.

The short version is that a computer genius builds one of the largest computer/software companies, its flagship product being a virtual universe that most of the real world uses for various reasons, dies, and leaves his fortune to the person who finds a hidden “easter egg” within this massive VR world. This VR world is what you might get if you took a few large massive player online games, mixed it with social media, and added every privacy destroying hardware and software technology all of you willingly adore as long as it has a cute name and allows you to spend more time looking up the things you’ll won’t get accomplished in the real world because you’re spending too much time looking things up. That’s what this VR world is like.

The story dynamics include a heartless company spending tons of money on a team of experts trying to find the easter egg, and online community of both large and small groups of regular people hunting this egg down, and individuals looking for it. Its much like a large lottery. The greater of this VR world, and the contest itself grew up in the 1980’s, so the book leave no page unturned without referencing this period in time.

Okay, so the book moves well, its organized, easy to understand by all, and has both a compelling plot, and a cute romantic line. It calmly covers topics that include social and environmental decay, corporate evil, real life v. online life, honor, honestly, obsession, dedication, bootstraps, and Ultraman.

I liked this book so much that you should just finish reading this entry, go acquire this book in some format, read it, and enjoy before it becomes a movie, which, i’m sad to report, is in fact, being made in to a movie.

Additionally, I may not look it, but I played Dungeons and Dragon’s as a kid, and this book nod’s to those of us who engaged that world. Hats off to Cline for the positive incorporation in to this work.


Did you go get the book yet…..?  Go, hurry!!!

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