Oil Painting at the Coast.


I’ve been going down to the local beach to paint right there on the sand, beachgoers on both sides, and the water rolling up so I could cool my feet when I needed a break.   I wasn’t making a concerted effort to perfect my skills, but simply enjoying time with my kids through leading by example.  Believe it or not, someone with easel, canvas and paints out in the wild, where the public is, has become such an oddity that I was approached by a good handful of people.  One person, I’m almost certain, was taking photos with his phone behind me, of me working in this one.  I kept my face turned away and tried to ignore his electronic intrusion in to my world, but I might venture a guess this was something he might have very little, if any activity such as this in his life.  So I kept my mouth shut, and focused on what I was really having a good time engaged in…painting, and my kids.


I’m not sure if this is the end of this painting, or if I’ll put some other touches on it.  If anything, I’d hone out the distance cues, and possibly redo the rocks.  This was done over several days, so the sky had been differently each time, if only mildly.



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