Batsy in Oil.

I decided to do this one again, but in oil paint.  As I looked around the web and found popular art with yes, Batman, Bane, Punisher, Wolverine, Toothless the Nightfury, and hundreds of other subjects from all types of media over the decades, I took it upon myself to make something of the ones that meant something important to me.


As before in a previous post where I made this scene from cardboard, this is from Batman: The Animated Series.  You can find the history of this show online if you wish.  The key component to the visual art from the show was that everything started with black backgrounds, and worked from there.  By default, this version of Gotham, this version the characters would always occupy a dark world, and a darker versions of who they were.  This of course added to the Noir factor in the show,

The scene is what I really wanted, hence the two shots.  

This is the actual scene from the show, but I did’t want to do more than 3 slides.  Knowing the middle slide wouldn’t be as strong as the first and last, I just used the ends, and made them bigger.  I thought of doing film boarders on the painting, but again, wanted to focus on the message here.

Without this show, there would have been none of the new movies, Harley Quinn wouldn’t have taken shape, and we would have been left with family friendly continuations of the movies that proceeded the latest batch.  That Batman refuses to kill outright allows the worst of humanity, a.k.a Disney, to danger of owing the identity of this character, and fluffing it until nothing human remains of Wayne’s story except Batman helping you save money on car insurance.  What the animated series implied, and started, followed by Nolan’s films was the position Batman finds himself in for society.  He’s doing a job the is sorely needed, but outside our rule system, forcing everyone to either turn a blind eye to the laws he breaks, for the benefit he provides, less we run in to zealots who see the deviation from the rules, and just as blindly demand accountability.  That we have the bat-signal being turned on shows option 1 is where Gotham finds it’s majority.

This it what makes this scene…one can play by life’s rules and still find themselves losing.  The old saying of “the world punishes an honest man” is very much alive.  The fallibility of man means weather you play by the rules, don’t, or any degree between, you won’t get it perfect.   To me, this scene is about what’s inside you.  This scene is clear in that the world turns with every action of man occurring everyday no matter how good, bad, or ugly;  sometimes, maybe even most of the time, doing the right thing may go unnoticed, unrewarded, unsung, and sometimes even punished.  Its the strength inside yourself that causes the action of good to be rewarded simply by having done it.  Other times, the right thing may in fact be “what has to be done” even though it may come to a gray area, or is difficult.  This scene is inward, the self discipline, courage, and commitment.  It’s the refusal to accept excuses on any grounds.  This scene is 100% accountability for yourself.  The buck stops with you.


I would love to see this done in a variety of mediums, so I will likely attempt a watercolor, as well as a possible palette knife painting.  Certainly I would not want my kids to fight over a single work when I can easily make more.

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